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Every year people in the St. Louis area suffer from many types of allergies. The most common allergy complaints are due to pollen. Pollen allergies can affect many from mild to extreme symptoms making it very difficult for the allergy sufferer to live a normal life without medications. Because St. Louis allergies are known to be some of the worst in the US and come around every year this tells us it is here to stay. Prepare yourself if you suffer from allergies as the weather patterns predict how bad it's going to be. Of course the dryer the season, you can expect for the pollen count to be much higher. Experts say that if you educate yourself about the type of allergies you have, you can certainly stay one step ahead of the miserable days to come. Like taking your medication according to the pollen count chart and advice before leaving your home can help you live a better life.

How to Cope with St. Louis Allergies

If you suffer from allergies on a regular basis there are many ways to cope with the symptoms. However, for people that may have adverse reactions to some medications or cannot take allergy medications it can be a difficult health issue to deal with. Talk to your allergy specialist and consult about the right medication that targets the type of allergy you suffer from. With so many over the counter choices today, you want to make sure you only treat the root of the problem and not over medicate with unnecessary medications that will not work for your type of symptoms. Keep in mind that some allergy medications will make you drowsy and you should not operate machineries or vehicles. Make sure that if you have to work or leave your home you take a daytime allergy medication in order to avoid any sleepy or tiredness feeling. During the peak season of allergies, copying with St. Louis Allergy symptoms doesn't have to be a difficult task if you know how to handle each symptom and treat it before it gets out of control. Teenagers especially will tend to over medicate in order to feel better. This can also be dangerous if mixed with other medications that may contradict one another. While allergies don't have to run your child's life, it is important to know what your child can and should not take for medications. Consult with your family physician if your child needs to take other medications with allergy medications during allergy season.

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Coping with St. Louis Allergies is not easy for some people including children.

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