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What is Pollen? Some types of pollen that can cause allergic reactions are produced by many types of plants, trees, weeds and grasses. These plants make small,light, dry pollen that are easily transported by air. The type of plants that grow and release tiny pollen particles are the plain green plants. Although, some flowering bushes and trees are also pollen carriers.
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Many people suffer from allergies on a daily basis. If you suffer from allergies you should pay close attention to your symptoms. St. Louis allergy symptoms can be tough especially on children. Often allergy symptoms are confused with a cold symptom. Some of the symptoms that people confuse most are sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, stuffy nose which creates difficulty breathing and post nasal drip. Don't suffer from your symptoms because there is help. With over the counter medications available just about any where, a simple dose can help remedy the symptoms. Allergy symptoms can be treated and you should not suffer on those high pollen count days. Depending on the type of allergies you may be suffering from if medication is necessary, an allergy specialist should be able to help you.

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Often people take the wrong medications to remedy allergy symptoms and sometimes allergy symptoms are often misdiagnosed. Did you know there are many different types of allergies? If you think you suffer from allergies, make sure you go to an allergy specialist to test for different types of allergies. This will help you target exactly what you may be allergic to and treat it with the proper medication. Some types of allergies that can affect adults and children come from Tree Pollen, Mold, Pets, House Dust, Hay Fever, Grass Pollen, Cigarette's, Latex Allergy and one of the most dreaded allergy symptoms is Food Allergy. Amongst other causes for allergies in some people can also include Cockroach allergy due to the feces and saliva proteins roaches leave behind. Allergies can be very serious for some people and depending on the severity a doctor visit should help remedy the symptoms. Most people know when they have an allergic reaction to something and what to treat it with. However, with out obvious signs a person that suffers from allergies can often suffer long term. One of the most ignored allergy symptoms comes from mold. Black mold allergy can be very toxic and affect health especially in children allergic to mold. Adults can also be allergic to green and black mold. To prevent mold allergy you should check your home especially in places like closets, under the bathroom sink, tile grout and other places that are not visible to the eye on a daily basis. Mold can also be hidden inside walls. Usually once the mold is found and treated, your health will improve on its own without medications. However, if mold is left untreated you can expect for your health to decline.

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